About me

Adventure and photography. If joined together, that’s the way I can purely live for my passion. Anything comes: extreme, obfuscated, crazy idea, just don’t let me lounge in my comfort zone. The trio of photography, climbing and travelling makes my life whole, for years. Almost all of my free time is filled up with these activities. I would like to try all the existing extreme sports, and climb the most beautiful mountains and cliffs of the world. Not the climbing up, necessarily - my philosophy is about enjoying the route, not sticking to the destination or the summit – that’s only the extra. Because this is the highest level of freedom you can reach.

At the same time I’m an energetics engineer student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and I also deal with building technology conditions measurement. During my university years I undertook the photographer job of several events and celebrations. After these jobs I found the mecca of the event-photography in the weddings. This always make me feel delighted, but on the other hand it gives me the challenge: to capture the feelings on pictures.