Viktor Zichó

Guidenotes for a transasian railway travel

Task was given: I wanted to get to Islamabad from Budapest with my disassembled bicycle to start a bike & climb trip in the Karakoram. I wanted to avoid flying due to climate protection as I was aware that there was an opportunity to get to Pakistan by overlanding, using trains and buses thus reducing

22. The passover

The day has come. The day when I am departing for the mountain pass. I fixed all the things on my bicycle in the morning. The ice axe was holding the rack with 2 straps, now I replaced the ice axe with a single firewood stick. I just saw that the housekeeper brings firewood which

Donation for the Sadar Hospital’s staff

Hello Everyone! In case if you want to help developing the working conditions of the Sadar Hospital’s healthcare workers, please donate them by the following button with credit/debit card payment or PayPal.   All the received money will be turned to the Sadar Hospital’s healthcare workers who are working in lack of equipment.  

Not Money Money, say Monkey Monkey!

We spent several days in the area populated by the Kurdish people, or as the locals say, Kurdistan – causing sorrow for the Turkish natives. We had a constraint-rest day which we spent in a fuel station in the middle of the hot and glowing steppe. The reason why: diarrhea. Misi was quite sure about

My friend, you need a haircut!

The moon lit these statues, which provided a very mystical view. I just felt some really magical and ancient feeling. It was like entering another world, time travel to an ancient time. This was definitely creepy feeling. We set up the tent about 50 meters apart from these statues. In the morning it was worth

Uphill downhill – in the heart of Toros Mountain Range

On the day of departure we wished to watch the air ballons on the sky, which is absolutely a general thing in Cappadocia in the mornings. As we stepped out of Abdullah’s cottage, we saw two balloons on the sky. We didn’t know, whether they just started to take off or they have already finished.

The way we’re organizing the festival – [OFF]

While we were cycling in the Alps, heading mountain pass with my friend, Norbi Forintos, talked about climbing competitions. The idea of organizing a 24 hours rock climbing competition presented itself, as we missed it from Hungary and there was even no rock climbing festival except for Aggtelek. Why shouldn’t we organize one? That’s a

Watching the wonders of Cappadocia

Sorry for not writing so long. I spent more than one month in the Caucasus, so I couldn’t write. So here you are, an exciting post. In the evening the view of the Salt Lake took our breath away. Yeah really, the name of the lake is Tuz Gölü, Salt Lake in loan translation. We

Adventure begins just here

Stepping on the land of Asia was an unforgettable experience. None of us did it before, we stayed only in Europe. I said goodbye to Europe while I was sitting on the ferry, as I knew, I won’t see this land one entire month long. The ferry took about 20 minutes to reach the Asian