Wedding photo

Wedding photos always play an important role in our life. They capture the unrepeatable moment, and gives back dramatic feelings about one of the most beautiful day of our lives.

Portrait photo

Every face has a story behind it. Portraiture photography is the ultimate option to show the world who we are. Don’t hide it. Show it.

Adventure photo

Adrenaline. Hotness or bitter cold wind. Enormous gaps. Gymnastics on an extreme spot. The ambience makes a real adventure photograph.

Wedding photos

Portrait photos

Adventure photos

22. The passover

The day has come. The day when I am departing for the mountain pass. I fixed all the things on my bicycle in the morning. The ice axe was holding the rack with 2 straps, now I replaced the ice axe with a single firewood stick. I just saw that the housekeeper brings firewood which […]

Donation for the Sadar Hospital’s staff

Hello Everyone! In case if you want to help developing the working conditions of the Sadar Hospital’s healthcare workers, please donate them by the following button with credit/debit card payment or PayPal.   All the received money will be turned to the Sadar Hospital’s healthcare workers who are working in lack of equipment.  

Not Money Money, say Monkey Monkey!

We spent several days in the area populated by the Kurdish people, or as the locals say, Kurdistan – causing sorrow for the Turkish natives. We had a constraint-rest day which we spent in a fuel station in the middle of the hot and glowing steppe. The reason why: diarrhea. Misi was quite sure about […]

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