The way we’re organizing the festival – [OFF]

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While we were cycling in the Alps, heading mountain pass with my friend, Norbi Forintos, talked about climbing competitions. The idea of organizing a 24 hours rock climbing competition presented itself, as we missed it from Hungary and there was even no rock climbing festival except for Aggtelek. Why shouldn’t we organize one? That’s a […]

Adventure begins just here

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Stepping on the land of Asia was an unforgettable experience. None of us did it before, we stayed only in Europe. I said goodbye to Europe while I was sitting on the ferry, as I knew, I won’t see this land one entire month long. The ferry took about 20 minutes to reach the Asian […]

Put down the bikes, pick up the backpack. Let’s see Istanbul!

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Istanbul has thousands of faces. It seems quite intact, not that tourist fitted city. The locals kept its original form. Even in the tourist ghetto, Sultanahmet: there are abandoned little streets which look genuine. During the years the Türks experienced the art of buggering tourists around. Once we couldn’t shift off a random street seller […]

Don’t camp this way in Trakia

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Bulgarian hospitality smiled on us as we arrived at the city of Panagyurishte. We felt like having an abundant meal after the morning pass-climbing. We deserved it, so we entered in a fancy restaurant this time. The menu today: kebab and salad with mozzarella. We ordered three kebabs but we got 4. It made us […]

Between dogs and turtles

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After the capital we hit the road and entered the mountains in the countryside.  In a thermal source we could have our second shower on the trip (it’s advisable to count, it’s not a daily thing in the life of an adventurer). After this little break we introduced ourselves to the mountain roads. They were […]